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The material selection platform
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Functional Silanes as Crosslinkers

SpecialChem / Edward M. Petrie – Jul 28, 2010

This article offers a general review of organosilanes as crosslinkers for conventional polymers such as acrylates, polyesters, polyurethanes and polyesters. Innovative crosslinking methods that are outside the norm for these materials will also be discussed. Organofunctional silanes are used for many purposes including adhesion promotion, coupling of a resin matrix to inorganic fillers, moisture scavenging, improvements in compounding, and crosslinking. When used for crosslinking silanes have been generally applied to formulations of organic polymers that are used as sealants. These are often called silylated polymers or "hybrid" polymers since the final polymer often has the characteristics of both a silicone sealant and a polyurethane sealant. However, there are several other crosslinking mechanisms that may be of interest to the adhesion formulator. These have the potential for creating new products in the adhesives and sealants area including crosslinkable thermoplastic adhesives.

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