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Nanostructured Nonisocyanate Polyurethane ….. A Brief Overview

SpecialChem / Sep 26, 2007

The endless variety and adaptability of polyurethane (PU) along with its continued contribution to our daily lives, makes its importance and hence demand to increase in comparison with other thermosetting polymer materials. Polyurethane plays a vital role in the coating industry. However the use of highly toxic isocyanates in its synthesis leads to environmental hazards. This coupled with its inherent weakness to weatherability and poor chemical resistance becomes a serious challenge for its long term survival. To address this problem, a revolutionary new method, that not only raises the hydrolytic stability of PUs, but also completely excludes the use of toxic isocyanates from the manufacturing process, has already been developed and is in production since the last few years for use as binder in floor coating as well as corrosion resistant paints. Conventional monolithic PUs is well-known for their good mechanical properties, but at the same time they are porous and possess poor hydrolytic stability due to their inherent molecular structure.

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