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Neutral Silicone Sealant Systems Support Advantages in Processing and End Products

SpecialChem / Jun 26, 2002

The first silicone sealants were one-part compounds that cured in the presence of atmospheric humidity, releasing small quantities of acetic acid. The market was quick to spot the excellent properties of these so-called acetoxy rubbers. However, it was found that the sealants attacked metals that are susceptible to acids, and they reacted with alkaline substrates. For this reason, they were soon followed by neutral-curing and alkaline-curing systems. Today, silicone sealants lead the market for permanently flexible construction sealants. This success is due to a range of products that were optimized for professional use in the building industry; in glazing, window, metal and plastics construction sectors; as well as for plumbing, kitchen and bathroom applications. Without them, many problems simply could not be solved. Years of continuou research have culminated in the development of alkoxy systems, a new generation of neutral-curing silicone sealants that release an alcohol (methyl or ethyl) as they cure. Aimed at the building sector, they are intended for high-tech applications, window construction, and for sealing both indoor and outdoor joints.

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