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Raw materials for electrical and electronics adhesives markets

SpecialChem / Andy Extance – Apr 8, 2009

Recent decades have seen a trend towards adhesive bonding in electronics, away from mechanical attachment. As the industrial segment today where perhaps the most desirable consumer items are offered, there is a need for attachment systems capable of high-volume manufacturing of electronics, allowing reliable operation of the final products at the lowest possible cost. Consequently many adhesives used in electronics are closely tailored for their end application, with careful choice of raw materials a critical part of this process.Electrical as well as physical performance requirements must be satisfied in electronic adhesives, often demanding extra sophistication beyond conventional adhesives. For example, moisture absorption is a problem in many bonding materials used in electronics, as water can cause corrosion and, when fully polarized, has a dielectric constant of 70.Bonding materials with high dielectric constants can cause undesirable build-ups of charge known as parasitic capacitances...

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