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Selecting Adhesives for Maintenance, Repair and Shop Operation (MRO)

SpecialChem / Jun 28, 2006

An important and often overlooked function of polymeric adhesives is their ability to restore worn or damaged structures to their original integrity. Adhesive systems have long been utilized by the military for emergency repairs to aircraft, naval vessels, and accessory equipment (turbines, pumps, etc.) aboard these vehicles. Polymeric adhesives and sealants are also strongly apparent in automotive repair. With the general emphasis on reduced downtime, it is expected that other industries will be looking at adhesives as a tool for maintaining productivity. However, adhesives are possibly the most underutilized and misunderstood tools in industrial maintenance today.1 There are many options when it comes to selecting an adhesive for maintenance, repair, or shop operations (MRO). However, the identification of suitable materials is only part of the quest. The potential end-user must also engage in pre-repair damage evaluation, preparation of the part for repair, and post-repair inspection.

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