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The Bonding of Elastomers Part II - Bonding of Unvulcanized Elastomers

SpecialChem / Mar 31, 2004

The bonding of elastomeric substrates is often a difficult proposition. Not only is the viscoelastic nature of the elastomer critically important in achieving a reliable bond, but there are also significant chemical factors that much be considered. These are primarily due to: * the large number of elastomeric polymers that are available, * the degree of freedom that a formulator has in compounding these materials, and * the wide variety of curing processes that can be used. There is also a multiplicity of surface treatments and adhesive materials that are appropriate for elastomer bonding. Another factor that causes confusion when bonding elastomers is that there are major differences in the ways in which bonding can be achieved. One can bond already-vulcanized elastomers using adhesives and processes that are generally available for bonding other substrates. This is often termed "post-vulcanized bonding". One can also create a bond during the vulcanization of the elastomer.

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