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The material selection platform
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Understanding Dynamic Mechanical Analysis

SpecialChem / Andy Extance – Jun 27, 2012

Dynamic Mechanical Analysis, or DMA, is a powerful tool for adhesive formulators. At a basic level it can measure elastic storage modulus properties, G', and viscous loss modulus properties, G'', glass transition temperature (Tg), which are informative for all adhesives, and monitor curing progress. For pressure-sensitive adhesives it can also provide essential information on plateau modulus. Information can also be gained about the chemical nature and toughness of the material being tested - but there are also interpretation pitfalls to be wary of. Adhesive formulators' power to deliver the needed material properties at the bulk level lies in controlling interactions at the molecular level. This needs tools that help understand the processes linking these phenomena - and dynamic mechanical analysis, or DMA, is one of the most powerful. And while familiarity with the technique and its interpretation is essential in the adhesive industry, mastering it can pay dividends.

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