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Polycarbonate diol for synthesizing polyurethane urea waterborne adhesives with improved properties and ageing resistance

Tech Paper | Supplied by UBE

Polycarbonate diol can be used as polyol for preparing waterborne, solvent-based and solvent free (100% solid) polyurethanes. It can be reacted with any kind of isocyanate, as any other standard polyol. In polyurethanes, polycarbonate diol is suitable for all polyurethane systems based on any kind of isocyanate, such as IPDI, HDI, MDI, or any other aliphatic or aromatic isocyanate.

In polycarbonate diol-based polyurethanes, formulators can use same catalysts, additives, etc. already used in their current formulations based on standard polyols. Polycarbonate diol can be used as single polyol, as well as blended with other standard polyol, showing full miscibility with the most standard ones.

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