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Superior performing Hot Melt Adhesives using Sasol Fischer-Tropsch waxes

Tech Paper | Supplied by Sasol

Waxes are a key component of EVA based and metallocene catalysed polyethylene (mPE) based Hot Melt Adhesive (HMA) formulations. They play a critical role in optimising various performance properties of the HMA. A comparative study has been completed to understand the effect of different types of hard waxes in typical EVA and mPE based HMA packaging formulations from a performance and theology perspective. The performance data has allowed the waxes to be ranked in terms of overall performance for each polymer system and clear winners have emerged. Based on this work, it was also possible to correlate performance data with rheology measurements, and relate this to fundamental differences in the wax structure or properties. These correlations suggest it may be possible to predict the influence that a particular wax type will have on the performance of a HMA formulation by the use of rheology alone which could allow rapid screening towards formulation optimisation. 

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