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Epoxies are created by polymerizing a mixture of two starting compounds, the resin and the hardener. Epoxy adhesives are thermosetting resins which solidify by polymerization and, once set, will soften but not melt on heating. Two-part resin/hardener epoxy systems will solidify on mixing (sometimes accelerated by heat), while one-part epoxy adhesives require heat to initiate the reaction of a latent catalyst. The properties of epoxy adhesives are also varied through the use of fillers. Thanks to their versatility and relatively low cost, they find application in wide range of formulations.

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Mar 14, 2018 | Industry News

Master Bond Epoxy Adhesive Passes the U.S. Military Standard for Thermal Stability

6 Master Bond Epoxy Compounds have passed the test for MIL-STD-883J section 3.5.2., the subsection of the United States Military Standards set by the U.S. Department of Defense that refers to the...

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Mar 13, 2018 | Product News

Techsil Offers New Black Epoxy Potting Compounds for PCBs and Electronic Assemblies

Techsil provides 2 new black epoxy PCB potting MG 832FX and MG 832HD manufactured by MG Chemicals. These epoxies due to their low viscosity can easily penetrate small gaps and cavities. They also...

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Mar 9, 2018 | Industry News

Kautschuk Expands Production of Hardeners & Accelerators for Epoxy Systems

Kautschuk-Group has expanded its range and ramping up the production of hardeners and latent accelerators for epoxy systems designed for the composites which are widely used in demanding...

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Mar 7, 2018 | Industry News

Hexion at JEC World 2018: Presents Epoxy Systems for Wind Energy Market

At JEC World 2018, Hexion is introducing new tackifying spray system as well as new epoxy bonding paste for wind energy rotor blade manufacturing. It will also feature Paste 20 adhesive repair...

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Mar 5, 2018 | Product News

New Epoxy Diluent & Modifiers for Electronics Adhesives - Cardolite at ASC Convention

At ASC convention, Cardolite will be introducing epoxy diluent and modifiers with very low total chlorine and halogen content. It will also be promoting newly developed diols, epoxy curing agents...

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Feb 15, 2018 | Industry News

Lehigh Researcher Wins Award for Research in Adhesion Science

A career-long quest to create and understand "toughened" epoxies has led to The Adhesion Society's 2018 Award for Excellence for Lehigh University’s Ray Pearson. The award, sponsored by 3M, is the...

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Feb 9, 2018 | Industry News

Ceramic Adhesives Market Projected to Reach USD 7.84 Billion by 2022

MarketsandMarkets™ in its latest report on Ceramic Adhesives Market by Chemistry Type (Cement-based, Epoxy, Acrylic, Silicone, Cyanoacrylate) has projected it to reach USD 7.84 Billion by 2022, at a...

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Feb 6, 2018 | Industry News

Bodo Möller Chemie Takes Over Distribution of Huntsman Advanced Materials

Bodo Möller Chemie will take over distribution of Araldite® line of epoxy, polyurethane and methacrylate adhesives. The focus will be on structural adhesives for industrial manufacturing, as well as...

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Jan 31, 2018 | Product News

Master Bond’s New 2K Epoxy System Features Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

Master Bond has developed EP42HT-3AO, a two component, moderate viscosity epoxy system with good flow properties. It is ideal for small to moderate size encapsulating, potting and casting...

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Jan 24, 2018 | Product News

Henkel’s New Cyanoacrylate/Epoxy Hybrid Adhesive for Structural Bonding

Henkel has introduced LOCTITE® HY 4060 GY, a five-minute-curing, general-purpose repair adhesive for a wide variety of metals, plastics, wood and rubber materials. It is 2-part, general purpose...

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