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ConProTec Announces News Cartridges for its Mixpac® Dispensing System

Published on 2006-11-16. Author : SpecialChem

ConProTec Inc., the leading innovator of 2-component adhesive dispensing systems, announces the availability of its new B System. The MIXPAC B System consists of a manual dispensing gun, a cartridge and a static mixer, all designed to work together as an integrated, high-performance system.

ConProTec Announces News Cartridges for its Mixpac® Dispensing System

The MIXPAC B System offers all the benefits of ConProTec's newer, state-of-the-art systems but as an added benefit, works with MIXPAC's original DMA 51-00-10 manual dispenser, the most popular dispenser in the industry today. Currently available in 50mL, fully assembled, 1:1 ratio polypropylene cartridges, the B System offers benefits such as: separate cylinders, a stronger attachment flange, stronger cartridge walls, pre-assembled pistons and, most importantly, an improved static mixer-cartridge-nose plug interface. This unique connection eliminates the possibility of both cross contamination and plugged cartridges.

ConProTec Inc. is an engineering-based company focused on developing the innovative line of MIXPAC hand-held dispensing products for 2-component adhesives and sealants. ConProTec also offers STATOMIX static mixers, the most complete line of high quality, low cost static mixers in the world.

Source: ConProTec Inc.

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