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Fenzi Promises Continued Sealants Supply Even After Earthquake in Japan

Published on 2011-06-10. Author : SpecialChem

Supplies of raw materials for IG sealant production are likely to become difficult. The leader in chemicals for secondary flat glass processing outlines the situation.

Fenzi's priority is to guarantee supplies to its customers. A sales management policy has been put in place in order to ensure product availability to those who have been using Fenzi products for some time.

Japan's devastating earthquake in March is having a very strong impact on the country's industry and exports. The catastrophe (earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis) has already led to a stoppage in industrial activity at many production sites.

The consequences of the earthquake are also being felt in the area of IG sealants with companies finding it difficult to obtain supplies because of the stoppage of the Toray Thiokol production facility in Chiba. This facility produces and caters to approx. 35% of the worldwide demand for polysulphide polymer. Production of the polymer stopped on 12 March and is not likely to resume until July. To make matters worse, there are problems in getting the infrastructures and electricity throughout Japan up and running again and this is deeply affecting the production chain.

Because of the very fact that it is becoming difficult to source various materials, the supply chain for other IG sealants is also feeling the pressure (polyurethane, butyl, silicone and hot-melt). Over the coming weeks therefore, problems are likely to emerge with the sourcing of IG sealants and for this very reason the costs of the products will increase.

About Fenzi

The Fenzi group, despite the fact that it has production units in three continents, is still run by its founder's family. Much has been said about family businesses. Three strong points set apart the Fenzi style of interpreting this model: long-term planning, backed by the continuity of management, the handing-down of knowledge almost by osmosis from generation to generation, and a warm and personal business conduct. These are factors which to date have proved to be successful.

Source: Fenzi

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