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Green Chemistry Campus & Partners to Innovate Process for Bio-based Aromatics

Published on 2016-01-14. Author : SpecialChem

In the project, named SCeLiO-4B (Sugars, Celluloses and Lignin Scaling up towards BioBased Building Blocks), the partners will cooperate to investigate, develop, test and scale up innovative processes and (by) products in the field of bio-aromatics. The work does not only include the heart of the process, the chemical reaction, but also the separation process to realize process technology that can provide the biobased ingredients with the required product specifications.

Fig. 1: Biorizon

On the one side the project focuses on the transformation of lignin into performance products such as phenol, fuel and additives, and on the other hand on the conversion of sugars into furans that can serve as intermediates for (functionalized) bio-aromatics and other green building blocks.

Aromatics are among the most important resources for the chemical industry. Currently virtually all aromatic building blocks are made from fossil oil. Biorizon utilizes plant-based waste streams to develop functionalized biobased aromatics for performance materials, chemicals & coatings. This diminishes the dependence on fossil fuel, it lowers CO2 emissions and it provides the chemical industry a profitable and sustainable perspective.

Scaling up of Bio-aromatics Research

The SCeLiO-4B project focuses on three areas:

1. Realization and further development of testing-grounds on the Brightlands Chemelot Campus and the Green Chemistry Campus that encompass all required infrastructure and equipment necessary for the facilitation of research, scaling up and development in the field of biobased building blocks.
2. Organize education and training, business development, project management and communication.
3. Jointly execute research and development activities to be able to realize valid systems and processes.

About Green Chemistry Campus

The Green Chemistry Campus, located on the premises of SABIC in Bergen op Zoom, is one of the five Centres for Open Chemical Innovation. Entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions, and the government work closely together in an open innovation environment to develop new biobased technologies and products with a focus on performance materials, chemicals and coatings.

Source: Biorizon

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