Ethylene Copolymers: Techno Brief

Ethylene copolymers and terpolymers are widely used in manufacturing hot-melts adhesives and sealants because of their their mechanical cohesion and adhesive properties. In this guide, you will learn all the key facts about copolymers and terpolymers (ethylene vinyl acetates & ethylene acrylic esters) for the adhesives & sealants industry : benefits, key features, application techniques and end-market usages.

Ethylene Copolymer: Introduction

Due to their mechanical cohesion and adhesive properties, ethylene copolymers and terpolymers are widely used in manufacturing hot-melts.

We distinguish 2 families of copolymers: ethylene vinyl acetate copolymers and ethylene acrylic ester copolymers, and two families of terpolymers: ethylene acrylic ester terpolymers and ethylene vinyl acetate terpolymers.

All polymers are highly flexible products, compatible with many other polymers and additives, and are easy to process. They offer an excellent cost-performance ratio and are closely tailored to the requirements of the industry. Ethylene copolymer based hot-melts will present a very good adhesion on various substrates (such as paper, wood, plastics, metals...) and a broad operating window.

In this Ethylene Copolymers technology brief, you will find an extended overview of the key benefits provided by ethylene copolymers, their applications and end-use markets. For direct access to specific information, click on the image below.


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