Flame Retardants for Adhesives and Sealants

This guide endeavors to direct the formulator through the process of selecting flame retardant additives for a specific base polymer and end-use requirement. It represents an overview of all additives that can be used for such purposes and attempts to describe the common flame retardant reaction mechanisms and test methods/ standards that are usually associated with specifying flame retardant adhesives.

Why Flame Retardant Adhesives?

Great attention is being paid to how materials perform in combating the effects of fire. This is partly due to several terrifying incidents associated with the outbreak of fire in public facilities that have led to significant damage and personal injury.

Fire-Reatrdation In addition to a greater level of awareness regarding fire safety, several paths have been identified to mitigate the destruction caused when fire erupts. These include:

  • Improved design and
  • The use of fire resisting materials

The use of adhesives is intimately connected with both.

Flame Retardants

In certain applications the adhesive may require fire resistant properties through the addition of a flame retardant. These properties may be directed at the bulk adhesive itself or at the entire bonded joint.

An example of the latter case is flexible circuitry used in electronic and transportation industries. Here the laminating adhesive may be asked to provide sufficient flame retardance to effect the final product (polyester film bonded to copper foil), and in this case the entire joint is tested, not only the adhesive.

A flame resistant adhesive formulation may be required to meet the following criteria:


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