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Adhesives Ingredients
The material selection platform
Adhesives Ingredients
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Adhesives ingredients supplied by Solvay

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Product Name
Cytec (Solvay Group)
Tri-allyl cyanurate. It is a cost-effective, tri-functional, internal crosslinking monomer capable of forming homo-polymers and copolymers. Exhibits scrub resistance, high-impact resistance and wet... view more
CYLINK® C4 by Solvay is a wet adhesion monomer. It offers compatibility with a wide range of co-monomers. CYLINK® C4 imparts very good stability against homo-polymerization... view more
CYLINK® DOM (Dioctyl Maleate) by Solvay is a reactive crosslinking and plasticizing monomer. It may be copolymerized with other monomers such as styrene, vinyl acetate, EVA, PVC, and acrylates... view more
CYLINK® IBMA by Solvay is a crosslinking bi-functional monomer that combines a readily polymerizable vinyl group and a reactive iso butoxymethyl acrylamide group. CYLINK® IBMA provides mechanical... view more
CYLINK® MBA Monomer by Solvay is N, N'-Methylene bisacrylamide bi-functional internal cross-linking monomer. It is also capable of free radical polymerization. It forms extensive polymer networks... view more
Crosslinking bi-functional monomer comprised of a polymerizable vinyl group and a reactive n-butoxymethyl acrylamide moiety. Improves water and solvent resistance in adhesives. CYLINK® NBMA by... view more
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