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Bio-XCell and METabolic EXplorer Review Progress on the Plan to Build PDO Plant

Published on 2013-03-18. Author : SpecialChem

Clermont-Ferrand (France) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) -- METabolic EXplorer, a green chemistry company that specializes in the development of bioprocesses for the production of chemical compounds used in a wide range of everyday products (textile fiber, paints, solvents, animal feed supplements, adhesives, etc.), and Malaysian Bio-XCell (Bio-XCell), the developer of the Bio-XCell biotechnology park and ecosystem in the Iskandar region of Malaysia, inform;

In accordance with their commitment, the two partners are reviewing the progress made so far on the project. An analysis of the issues addressed over the past two months has prompted Bio-XCell and METabolic EXplorer to agree on the conditions in which the project can be resumed and pursued. The issues in question mainly concern the reorganization of the engineering aspects. Accordingly, the two partners are announcing that they are both determined to press ahead with plans to open a METabolic EXplorer plant in Malaysia.

The key points of discussion are as follows:


The partners:
  • have reached agreement on the principles of a new organisation structure for engineering, notably by replacing the present engineering company;
  • will do everything necessary to adjust the contractual framework before end of May 2013, in order to resume operations by September 2013.

Soil conditioning

The partners:
  • have reached an agreement on the findings of the on-site analyses, which show that only minor corrective measures are needed and will not affect the schedule for resuming operations.


The partners:
  • have defined the different types of acceptable guarantee to be given, which, under the new agreement, will not affect METabolic EXplorer's cash position.

These shared decisions clearly show the importance for both partners of forging ahead with this project, which is part of their base strategy: for Bio-XCell, being the new regional hub for biotechnology in South East Asia; and, for METabolic EXplorer, becoming a key player in PDO production in that region.

About METabolic EXplorer

METabolic EXplorer is a biological chemistry company which was incorporated in 1999. Its goal is to help industrial businesses deal with the rise in oil prices, so that they can continue to manufacture but in a sustainable way. Based on the tried and tested principle of industrial fermentation, METabolic EXplorer's solutions replace today's petrochemical processes with the use of a wide range of plant-based raw materials. By optimizing the metabolic yield of non-pathogenic bacteria in a contained, controlled environment, the company facilitates the production of chemical compounds used in a wide range of everyday goods (textile fibres, paints, solvents, plastics and animal feed).

METabolic EXplorer is currently focusing its alternative processes on the production of three compounds that together have an estimated, annual, end-market value of €7 billion. The company's strategy will be implemented in forms such as own-account developments (ie, manufacturing plants) in geographically strategic regions and via industrial partnerships in the shape of joint ventures and licences. METabolic EXplorer, based in Clermont-Ferrand, France, is listed on EURONEXT PARIS (EURONEXT C, METEX) and features in CAC Small.

Source: METabolic EXplorer

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