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Water Based NeoCryl™ from DSM Offers Good Label Application on Bottles

Published on 2011-01-18. Author : SpecialChem

For a long time, adhesive formulators have been searching for synthetic resins for bottle labeling applications in order to relieve supply constraints, and performance variations of the traditional solution - casein. Now, new NeocrylTM BT-207 has closed the performance gap offering adhesive formulators an improved alternative to natural casein.

NeoCryl™ BT-207 offers excellent wet tack, glass adhesion and resolubility features - comparable to optimal casein performance. In addition, being a synthetic resin with consistent quality, NeoCryl™ BT-207 provides the adhesive manufacturer the benefit of robust production, eliminating the need for batch to batch adjustments as often is the case with today's solutions. NeoCryl™ BT-207 furthermore has very consistent and stable viscosity across the typical alkaline range of adhesive application and therefore requires less online viscosity adjustments during the production process. As a result of these product attributes, NeoCryl™ BT-207 works extremely well in high speed bottle labeling applications.

Furthermore, NeoCryl™ BT-207 is designed for cold-fill labeling as it has excellent hypercondensation resistance, which results in good label application to moist bottle surfaces. The bottles labeled with an adhesive based on NeoCryl™ BT-207 are also fully suitable for recycling purposes, as the resin is resoluble in caustic environments for easy label removal.

Due to its characteristics, NeoCryl™ BT-207 is ideally designed for high-end glass labeling applications, like cold-fill beer bottle labeling, and can also be used for other applications including the labeling of wine and champagne bottles as well as various jars.

NeoCryl™ BT-207 has been developed by DSM NeoResins+ in line with its existing sustainable solutions for the Adhesives industry. It is a new offering that has been added to the existing range of waterborne bottle labeling adhesives. The product is now available in the market via DSM and its distributors.

About DSM

DSM NeoResins+ is a global customer-oriented leader in specialty resins. Application driven, DSM NeoResins+ is geared to business segments and organized in four units linked to these business segments. The global responsibility of the four units ensures fast decision making and short time to market. In line with DSM's corporate strategy, DSM NeoResins+ strives to be among the world's leading industries in the area of safety, health and environmental management.

Source: DSM

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