Need to solve a technical problem?

Well, someone out there has probably the solution… and might even love to share it with you!

Open Innovation has become mainstream
Open Innovation consists in searching outside the walls of your company know-how or solutions that you need, instead of re-developing everything yourself. After more than 10 years of practice, it has become a mainstream methodology at SpecialChem, with a proven track record. Especially when it comes to solving technical problems, a practice called “Technology Scouting”. We have run hundreds of missions, which helped us understand the levers of successful scouting.

Don’t reinvent the wheel, partner.
In our experience, when you face a technical challenge, there is a good probability that someone has faced it before you. And even found a solution. Our job is to connect you with these people and to convince them that they can do a nice business together with you!

It works!
With an average of 7 proposals per problem posted, we systematically connect “seekers” with “solvers”.

Why is it working at SpecialChem?
  • A careful selection of topics: we only work on problems that have good chances to find many proposals
  • A huge community: Seekers’ RFPs are distributed within the world’s largest online community of chemical & material engineers
  • A specialized community: SpecialChem community only deals with chemicals, which increases the probability to find the right solvers and reduce the “noise”
  • A community of professionals: we connect you with business people, not academics, for more “ready-to-use” solutions
  • An optimized process, coming form 10+ years of practices and hundreds of missions
  • A team of experts: engineers who understand chemicals but also the specific Open Innovation dynamics

Results guaranteed or money back!
If we work together, we will share part of the risk with you. If we do not reach the number of proposals we committed on before to start, we’ll return some of the fees you paid us. Fair isn’t it?

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