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There are two ways to answer a Request For Proposals (RFP):
  1. Fill in the form at the bottom of the web-page where the RFP is posted

    Online Proposal Submission


  2. Download the proposal template from the same web-page (fillable MS Word document), fill it and send it back to open-innovation@specialchem.com. You may attach additional information or references to substantiate the interest of your proposal

    Download proposal submission template

How detailed should the proposal be?
Your proposal should explain how it does answer the RFP, how mature your solution is, why your solution is better than other ones, and ideally the costs and availabilities.
If some resources (equipment or financials) are required to fully develop or scale up your technology, you should mention it in your proposal too.

Is proprietary information protected?
The goal of your proposal is to show you have a solid solution, NOT to describe all the technical details of it. Our advice is “Tease, Don’t Teach”. So, non-protected proprietary information should not be shared in your proposal. Only information you would share to answer an invitation to tender should be sent. Later on, when you have entered into one-to-one discussions with the seeker, then YOU will decide if you disclose more confidential info about your IP.

Who owns the information submitted?
The content of your proposal remains your property. The seeker has no specific right on it. SpecialChem has no rights on received proposal. We will never use it in any other project nor in any sort of advertisement or communication.

What happens to your proposal?
Proposals are put under a friendly format and shared with the seeker. We do not filter them. Filtration should happen by the quality of the RFP. The seeker, our Client, sees your proposal and evaluates it: technical fit, maturity, uniqueness, and quality. He will contact the submitters directly if he is interested. Our goal is to allow this high-value connection to happen, but we are not actively promoting your proposal vs others nor managing any business conversation in your name.

Will I be notified if my proposal is not accepted?
Yes, SpecialChem makes sure that each submitter gets notified within 60 days after the RFP closure. We will let you know whether the seeker wants to pursue or not.

Do I have to pay something to submit a proposal?
No, it is free. And you don’t even need to be part of the SpecialChem community!

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