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Structural Acrylic Adhesive Formulation and Use

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Recorded on Jun 22, 2023

Capitalize the full potential of thermosetting acrylics and develop new high-performing structural adhesives that meet your customer's needs (bonding composites, low surface energy plastics for lightweight part design)

Ed Petrie with the help of this course will explain:

  • Formulation & selection of thermosetting acrylic adhesives.
  • Uncover core chemistry, base materials, significant variables to control processing & final properties.
  • And impact of environmental factors (stress, temp., moisture...) with the pros & cons over epoxy & PU adhesives.

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Edward Petrie Presented By:
Edward M. Petrie

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Formulation
Level: Intermediate

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Why should you view this course?

With continued adoption of difficult to bond materials (LSE plastics & composites), especially in automotive & transportation sector, one is required to design newer structural adhesives formulations to meet customer needs and achieve a good bond while adding enhanced properties (temperature resistance, flexibility...).

At this stage thermosetting acrylics offers new properties, while matching the performance of Epoxy & PU Adhesives. But the formulation principles and components can be very complex! Additionally, with limited books available on this subject, acquiring the right knowledge to successfully design new formulations is a critical challenge.

Be an Early Adopter & Capitalize on the full potential of this technology to meet your customer needs better! Join this course and:

  • Acquire a concise guide to formulating and selection of thermosetting acrylic adhesives (core chemistry, base materials, formulation principles…)

  • Meet your customer’s needs by developing new, high-performing structural adhesives that bond well to contaminated and low energy substrates (plastics, composites)

  • Stay ahead of competition as you adopt thermosetting acrylics technology to combining newer properties (improved temperature resistance, flexibility...) with performance levels of epoxy & PU adhesives

Who should view this course?

Formulators, Professionals in Technical Sales & Manufacturing, Raw Material Producers/Suppliers, and End Users working in Structural Thermosetting Acrylic Adhesive or in Epoxy and PU Adhesive Industry looking for transition in Structural Adhesives.  

Course Outline

  • Introduction to thermosetting acrylic adhesives:
    • Its chemistry
    • Base materials to be used
    • Significant variables in formulation and application
    • Advantages and Disadvantages over epoxy & PU adhesives

  • Tips on how to control processing & final properties

  • Meet your customer's needs :
    • Bonding composites and low surface energy plastics for lightweight part design

  • Mechanism of cure and adhesion

  • Conventional formulations

  • Compounding formulations for selective improvement

  • Important commercial applications

  • Current and future developments
    • Adopt & develop new high-performing structural adhesives

  • 30 mins Q&A- Interact live/ ask questions directly from the expert !

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Members Reviews

An excellent course! New outlook on some other application methods and raw materials.

Charles H. , from American Acrylic Adhesives

Explained key ingredients and industrial trends very well.

Yun Mi K. , from Cardolite Corporation

An informative course!

Ruchika P. , from Pidilite

Excellent! This is a new area for us and learning is always helpful.

Rachel H. , from Sabic

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