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Bonding Dissimilar Materials: How to Reduce Internal Stress Levels

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Recorded on Jul 11, 2018

Prevent premature adhesion failure while bonding dissimilar materials (LSE plastics, metal, composites, ceramics…) by efficiently managing the problem of internal stress and curing shrinkage.

Edward Petrie will share how to deal with differences in materials properties (shrinkage, coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE)…). He will also discuss formulation optimization tips & the impact of joint designs & cure conditions.

Note- This Online Course is also beneficial for Coatings Formulators

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Edward Petrie Presented By:
Edward M. Petrie
Length: 90 min

Course Type: Formulation
Level: Intermediate

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Why should you view this course?

The need to join dissimilar materials is growing in light of advances in technology to decrease weight, improve performance, & reduce cost. Being an evolving specialized technical field, bonding dissimilar materials (joining plastic to metal) continues to be a challenge, forcing you to face early product failure and dissatisfied customers. Join the course and:

  1. Understand parameters impacting internal stress levels in dissimilar joints (material properties, formulation, cure conditions, joint design...).

  2. Optimally bond hybrid structures by knowing strategies and emerging technologies in the industry.

  3. Reduce revision & product development time by gaining knowledge about the best practices to develop successful solutions.
Avoid Adhesion Failure

Who should view this course?

  1. Adhesive formulators and design engineers involved in developing solutions (adhesive formulations, joint designs, etc.) to bond dissimilar materials in hybrid structures.
  2. Coatings formulators facing challenges in coating plastics and other LSE substrates and in reducing stress between 2 layers (multi-layer coatings, recoatable coatings...)
  3. This course is also useful for those engaged in failure analysis of adhesive bonded joints

Course Outline

  • Why Bonding Dissimilar Materials is Difficult
    • The Problem of Internal Stress
    • Problematic Applications

  • Influence and Resolution of:
    • Bondline Imperfections
    • Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) Differences
    • Cure / Drying Shrinkage
    • Different Modulus

  • Strategies to Reduce Internal Stress – Optimization of:
    • Adhesives Formulations
    • Joint Designs (Strap Joint, Butt Welding, Lap Weld Joint)
    • Cure Conditions

  • Test Methods

  • Technical Tips

  • 30 mins Q&A session- Ask your queries directly from the expert !

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Members Reviews

Good insight into internal stresses of bondline/causes and effects.

Alisha A. , from Appli-Tec

Good explanation of overall concepts and practical solutions.

Garret D. , from Gentex Corporation

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