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Debonding on Demand Structural Adhesives: Strategies & Future Opportunities

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Recorded on Oct 13, 2022

Debonding on demand has become a MUST-HAVE for your structural adhesives – Review existing technologies (thermolabile group, polarizable matrix...) as well as emerging formulation strategies.

Maxime Olive will guide you in the selection of the right debonding strategy depending on your application: automotive, E&E, defense, aerospace, machinery... 

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Maxime Olive Presented By:
Maxime Olive

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Technology
Level: Intermediate

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Why should you view this course?

In recent years, 95% of materials from scrapped vehicles have been reused / recycled (European ELV directive), while more and more multi-materials are used... In case of bonded assemblies, the main roadblock is the lack of reversibility for end of life or maintenance & repair.

Meet the needs of circular economy with debonding-on-command structural adhesives by grasping existing technologies, it's future trends, and requirements to ensure durability of debondable adhesives!

  1. Get a clear overview of existing debonding-on-demand technologies & future trends

  2. Understand specific requirements of debondable adhesives

  3. Identify advantages-drawback of each technology/debonding strategy

  4. Understand the interest of debondable adhesive in respect to waste regulations

  5. Implement successful eco-design strategy based on bonding assembly
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Debonding on demand

Who should view this course?

Adhesive Formulators, producers, specifiers, end product users of structural adhesives & adhesive experts/academics. It's also important for professionals having basic knowledge in adhesive technology (formulation and bonding processes) with some notions in waste regulations and eco-design.

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Course Outline

  1. Who needs debonding on command?

  2. Techniques for debonding standard adhesives

    • Thermal degradation
    • Cutting
    • Use of Solvents
    • Combination of these methods

  3. Requirement for a debondable adhesive

  4. Understanding of strategies for debonding on command (with details on performances, advantages and drawbacks)

    1. Concepts
      • Modified resins with intrinsic debonding features
      • Addition of special additives

    2. Products on the market
    3. Future Trends

  5. Debondable adhesives in Eco-Design

    • Reversible Bonds
    • ELV (2000/53/EC)
    • Electronics and Consumer goods: 2002/96/EC

  6. Example of success stories

    • The ECODISM Project (2005-2008)
    • GAIA Telescope: Switchable Adhesive for Proof Testing

  7. 30 mins Q&A- Interact live/ ask questions directly from the expert !

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Members Reviews

Nice overview of different approached of debonding

Debby Leusink-Husken , from DSM Coating Resins

Good explanations of an unknown topic, nice examples and good presentation.

Laure Collet , from Keck Chimie

Excellent course content! Very comprehensive survey with excellent overview of research and industry status, well explained and good slides.

Martin Lang , from Hilti

Excellent ! Good explanation of all the technologies available, and what is on the market. Enjoyed the case studies including limitations of their findings.

Sullivan S. , from Cabot Corp.

VERY GOOD ! Giving the specific chemistries and citations are very practical and useful.

Allison C. , from PPG

Good overview on existing technologies for debonding!

Peeters L. , from Kaneka

Very good! We are unfamiliar with debonding technologies. This was a great overview.

Kris K. , from Andersen Corporation

Excellent! Covered broad subject very well with lots of practical examples.

Stephen M. , from ARTIS

Very good overview of debonding technologies!

Stanley B. , from 3M

It was a nice overview of current debonding strategies used in industry.

Kai R. , from Ivoclar Vivadent AG

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