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PSA Formulation Strategies for Tapes & Labels

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Recorded on Oct 31, 2023

Meet faster Tapes & Labels manufacturers’ needs by updating on today’s PSA formulation state-of-the-art (acrylic, silicone, hybrids, PUD, biopolymer resins...) and by better understanding your options in regards to the targeted end-use.

In this simulated live formulation strategies will be matched to the various tapes & labels designs and manufacturing processes as well as per applications (packaging, B&C, automobile, medical, electrical, photovoltaics, aerospace…).

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Edward Petrie Presented By:
Edward M. Petrie
Length: 75 min

Course Type: Formulation
Level: Intermediate

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Why should you view this course?

With ever-increasing pressure to develop faster successful formulations, the need to integrate all the constraints and not only adhesive common targets (peel / shear strength, tack, durability...) is deepening... Yet formulators are often disconnected from Tapes & Labels manufacturers' world.

  1. Increase your success rate by formulating for the specific needs set by design, manufacturing and end-use (high volume, coatability, fast drying, set time, release…)
  2. Be well equipped to address top challenges (adhesion to low energy films, heat and moisture resistance…) by reviewing current strategies & latest developments
  3. Expand easily into new tapes & labels areas: get starting formulations to meet these new specific needs

Who should view this course?

  • PSAs Formulators wishing to update on current state-of-the-art & look for novel formulation opportunities
  • Tapes & Labels Manufacturers needing to be clear on latest formulation developments
  • Course Outline

    1. Introduction:
      • Market sectors, tape & label design, material & process classification
      • Major forms and types of PSA
      • Selection criteria

    2. Properties and tests to meet challenging requirements
      • Surface tack
      • Polarity and Surface Tension
      • Environmental Service Conditions
      • Sheer strength
      • Peel test
      • Creep tests

    3. Learn PSA formulation tools for the correct balance of properties
      • Effect of Molecular weight ( on viscosity and flow, cohesive strength etc....)
      • Effect of Chemical and physical crosslinking
      • Adjustments to Glass Transition Temperature for your adhesive type

    4. Know the Additives used for PSA
      • Plasticizers
      • Fillers
      • Tackifiers

    5. Understand how all tape and label components must work in unison
      • Converting PSAs Into Tapes and Labels (drying rate, water-resistance....)
      • UV curable PSA
      • Hot melt PSA
      • Variation of Adhesion with Coating Weight

    6. Latest materials and developments to expand opportunities, lower costs, and meet performance requirements

    7. 15 mins Q&A - Ask your question directly to our expert on chat!

    8. Have a query? Email us for any help!

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    Members Reviews

    Very good course! It opened my view over types of adhesives and parameters that I should consider while formulating an adhesive.

    Renata C. , from Kraton Polymers do Brasil

    Excellent! It updates our knowledge in PSA and the new innovations.

    Garabed A. , from Vibac

    This course covered several interesting topics and I'm very satisfied!

    Jhon W. , from Andercol S.A.

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