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Sealants and Caulks: Formulation & Plasticizer Selection Strategies

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Recorded on Dec 2, 2021

Achieve desired properties (flexibility, better low-temperature, adhesion…) in sealants and caulks formulation by choosing the right plasticizers & understanding how to balance the raw materials they work well with.

Leading expert, William D Arendt will help you gain an in-depth understanding of the various classes of sealants (polysulfide, plastisol…) and caulks (latex, waterborne...). He will also share a systematic selection/formulation strategy and testing criteria (ASTM, ISO…) to help you develop successful formulations.

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Presented By:
William D Arendt

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Formulation
Level: Intermediate

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Why should you view this course?

Different classes of sealants (polysulfide, plastisol…) and caulks (latex, waterborne...) formulation require you to carefully select the right plasticizers. But, with increasing regulatory pressures on phthalates plasticizers and product discontinuations, it is challenging to pick one that fits all your application requirements (construction, aerospace, automotive, beverage cap seal…).

Additionally, the wide offering of newer plasticizers (non-phthalate, non-migrating...) makes the choice even tougher! Join this course and:

  1. Learn how to efficiently choose plasticizers by reviewing steps in evaluation process (compatibility, efficiency, permanence, processability…) that factor in its optimal selection.

  2. Better analyze how raw materials (fillers, pigments, polymer…) interact in your formulation and optimize the balance between them to design a successful formulation.

  3. Gain strong knowledge about testing procedures to perform (ASTM, ISO comparisons...) to meet today’s performance demands (lower glass transition temperature, impact resistance, viscocity...).

  4. Understand clearly different classes of sealants (polysulfide, plastisol…) and caulks (latex, waterborne...) to make better decisions in your day-to-day work with the help of real-life examples (container closure seal, automotive seam seals…).

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 caulk, sealants, formulation, selection, plasticizers

Who should view this course?

This course is for Technologists, R&D, Formulators, Raw material suppliers, Manufacturers and End users in sealants and caulks industry. However, technical management, production, and purchasing personnel can also benefit from it.

Course Outline

  1. The steps for precise formulations- initial steps to success

  2. Whats and hows of plasticizer
    • What makes plasticizer compatible with your polymer
    • Which phthalate for which requirement
    • Why specialty type
    • Which plasticizer is best known for which specification
    • What must be considered for a neat plasticizer
    • How can you evaluate plasticizer

  3. Know all about Caulks and Sealants and testing
    • Polymers used
    • Sealant Critical Performance Requirements
    • ASTM tests- C834, C-920, C-719
    • Plastisol Sealant Testing

  4. Get the best of Latex (Waterborne) Caulk
    • Where could be best used
    • Why a plasticizer in caulk
    • How could you decide on the best suitable formulation
    • Testing- specific (ASTM C834, ASTM C920,ISO comparisons) and non specific

  5. Learn Polysulfide sealants with examples
    • Performance attributes
    • Types-1K construction sealant, 2K insulating glass sealant
    • Formulation with specific types
    • Best plasticizers to select from
    • Testing (ASTM C920, ISO comparisons) and examples

  6. Plastisol sealants
    • Where and why used
    • Plastisol formulation and testing
    • Basic and specific plastisol screen
    • Best Plasticizer to select
    • Testing
    • Examples from literature
  • 30 mins Q&A - Interact live with the expert for all your technical help!

  • Have a query? Email us for any help!

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